The Books of Joshua & Judges Experience Guide (Digital Version)


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This Experience Guide is the same as the printed guide, but in a convenient PDF format. Two versions of the digital guide will be provided, one for printing, and one that you can type in on your computer!

Imagine if God made all of your New Year's resolutions a reality. How would you handle your brand new life?

Like our clean slate in the new year, the book of Joshua is a clean slate for Israel — they're given an opportunity to build a brand new life in the Promised Land that God blessed them with.

But how long can this fresh start of ours last when we only commit to our lifestyle changes halfway? In Judges, we get a vision of what happens when we build our lives around what we want instead of what God commands, and the devastating effect that unchecked sin has on God's people.

Through this Joshua and Judges Experience Guide, you'll be equipped to:

  • Begin building a strong, faith-filled future based on God's vision for your life instead of your own.
  • Stop minimizing your faith to satisfy the culture around you by learning from the highs and lows of Israel's faith journey.
  • Dig deeper into Joshua and Judges with study questions that will help you better apply this truth every day.