Great & Hidden Things Experience Guide (Digital Version)

Great & Hidden Things Experience Guide (Digital Version)

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The Great and Hidden Things Experience Guide serves as your companion book to the daily teaching in the First 5 app. Use it as a supplemental or standalone study as you dig deeper into God's Word with us every day.

Has God ever given you an impossible task? A task that seemed so impossible you couldn't help but think, There's no way God would expect me to do something like this.
God asked Jeremiah to give His people a tough message. If they obeyed, they would be blessed, and if they didn’t … terrible things would happen. Even though it would cost him a lot, Jeremiah chose to be faithful to bring all of God’s word — words that would wound and words that would heal.
But God wasn’t sending this message because He didn’t care what would happen to His people. It was because He was at work behind the scenes, orchestrating a plan that only He could see … a plan that was, and still is, beautiful. A plan that He began to reveal to the faithful. Great and hidden things were in store for the people of God, and that remains true for us today.

This Experience Guide includes:
  • Daily study questions to help you dive deep into Scripture
  • Historical and cultural context of the book of Jeremiah to help you better understand its purpose
  • Major moments and themes within each chapter
PLUS, when you buy the Great and Hidden Things Experience Guide, you'll receive:
  • Bonus pages on how 1&2 Kings and Jeremiah relate to each other
  • An additional designed verse to use as a mobile background, desktop background and print you can hang in your home, exclusive to you!

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