The In Between Experience Guide (Digital Version)

The In Between Experience Guide (Digital Version)

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The In Between Experience Guide, a study in 1 & 2 Chronicles, serves as your companion book to the daily teaching in the First 5 app

Your Experience Guide can be used as a stand-alone or supplemental study to help you dig deeper into God’s Word every day. 

How often do we feel stuck in the “in between”?
In between life seasons.
In between jobs.
In between relationships.
The “in between” feels like you’ll be stuck waiting forever.
But God is working in the waiting.
The In Between, is a study about 1 & 2 Chronicles. Israel is in ruins and waiting for a king. The King. Little did they know, their King was coming. They would just have to wait.
Your The In Between Experience Guide includes:
  • Daily study questions to enhance your understanding of the text and help apply it to your life.
  • The historical and cultural background of 1 & 2 Chronicles and its place in the rest of Scripture. 
  • Major moments in the book and insights on themes within each chapter.

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