Trusting God for a Better Tomorrow by Wendy Pope (E-book)


Brand Proverbs 31 Ministries

Psalms 1-41 (e-book - PDF)

David, perhaps the greatest king and military leader of his time, lived much of his life on the run from his enemies and mocked by his friends. He struggled in his faith and lived with emotional unrest. He questioned God about his painful circumstances. He wanted a better tomorrow.

Many years ago, tired of the tired pace she was keeping, author Wendy Pope decided to open her Bible and read the Psalms, one at a time. Wounds from her past that never properly healed began to mend. The unrest in her heart settled as peace grew roots and doubt turned into trust. Yes, her tomorrows were getting better, but she learned tomorrows are better when the:

  • Future is not shaped by mistakes of the past
  • Pain becomes a place our faith can grow
  • Fear of God is stronger than my fears of the world
  • Sorrow for sin is replaced with the freedom of forgiveness
  • Fervor for revenge surrenders to God’s judgment
  • Joy is found in things of God rather than the things of this world