The Mom I Want to Be


Brand Harvest House

Your experience as a mother and a woman is influenced by the mothering you received. If inconsistency or neglect was part of that - or if you realize you're missing something important in your skills as a mom - you need a healthier vision of how wonderful motherhood can be.

From her own experience, Suzie Eller provides you a godly, nurturing model. As she walks beside you, she shows you...

  • How to move beyond the fear that you'll pass on damaging patterns to your children.
  • Ways to forgive, let go, and leave your parenting baggage in the past.
  • How to give your kids the gift of good memories and a great future.

The past leaves its mark, but so do the hope, forgiveness, and courage to change that God gives. You can celebrate His healing power.. and all that can and will be done in your life as you become the mom you want to be.