The Book of Numbers Experience Guide


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First 5 Experience Guides serve as your companion book to each First 5 study. Use it to go more in-depth with an introduction to Book of Numbers, daily study questions, maps and much more!

Did you know it’s possible to be close to God’s presence and yet far from His heart?

God had good plans and sweet promises for His people, the Israelites. Though He was right there with them, the people rebelled against His leading, complained against His provision and questioned His purposes. 

As a result, their two week journey to the Promised Land stretched into a near 39-year trek in the wilderness!

But the Israelites aren’t the only ones who show disobedience and disbelief. We do this all the time. And because we have so much to learn from God’s people in Numbers, we’ve chosen it as our next study on the First 5 app!

Through the Numbers Experience Guide, you’ll be equipped to:

  • Recognize the areas where you’re wandering from God and use them as opportunities to strengthen your relationship with Him.
  • Embrace that God is faithful even when we are faithless by studying how He fulfilled His promises to His people despite their attitudes.
  • Dig deeper into Numbers with study questions that will help you better apply this truth to your life every day!