Rachel and Leah Bible Study Book for Teen Girls

Rachel and Leah Bible Study Book for Teen Girls

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Why her? Every girl asks this quiet question in her heart at some point in her life. Or perhaps, she asks “Why not me?” These questions rise from a struggle with comparison many girls constantly combat. Her outfit is cooler. Her Instagram account has more followers. Her life seems more exciting. And she always has it all together. Why her?

This battle with comparison didn’t begin with the rise of social media (although that seems to have made it worse). We can actually trace this struggle all the way back to the Old Testament story of Rachel and Leah. Join Nicki Koziarz in this six-week Bible study as she unpacks the twisting, turning tale of these two sisters. As you study the emptiness, brokenness, and heartache they experienced in their rival relationship, you’ll be able to pinpoint your own comparison battles and learn to invite God's healing and freedom into your life through the truth of His Word.

In this 6-session Bible study with optional videos, you will:

  • Spot your comparison battles and learn how to combat them with the truth of God’s Word.
  • Understand the story of Rachel and Leah more deeply.
  • Embrace God’s good work in your life even when days seem hard.

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