He Spends, She Spends Participant's Guide


Brand John Putnam

In the 5-week He Spends, She Spends Participant’s Guide, former financial advisor and financial expert, John H. Putnam, addresses some of the most common and difficult questions about how we interact with our finances and approach our money choices – and the surprise is, it’s not about the money. You may know what the Bible says about money, you may know how to handle money in a practical fashion, but many of us still have financial issues that can become a barrier in our relationship with Christ and each other. Let’s explore the factors around our financial choices, spend time in scripture, and understand why as you complete each week.

Based on He Spends, She Spends, this guide is designed for both groups and individuals and includes:

  • 5 weeks of in-depth study
  • Section introductions and closing summaries
  • Scripture study and reflection
  • Closing prayers
  • Free online videos and other resources