Devotions for a Revolutionary Year
Devotions for a Revolutionary Year

Devotions for a Revolutionary Year

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Every day your girl is looking for attention, affirmation and affection. The question is: where is she going for it?

You can help empower your girl to have confidence and a higher self-esteem 365 days a year so she runs to the right place each time she feels needy. Taking the truths from His Revolutionary Love by Lynn Cowell deeper, Devotions for a Revolutionary Year: 365 Days of Jesus’ Radical Love for You is the daily companion that uses real stories from real girls to enable her with power she needs to make wise choices. It’s the support she needs to figure out how God’s truth fills her love gap every single day. Inside she’ll find help in:

  • Beginning each day with truth from Jesus
  • Developing the habit of spending daily time with Jesus
  • Applying God’s wisdom to the choices she makes each day
  • Finding positive self-worth in Jesus’ perfect love
  • Making decisions that honor God & not follow her feelings
  • Empowering her heart to choose relationships that are beneficial; not painful

Every girl wants to be wanted. Join girls all around the world who are finding the love they’ve been looking for!

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