Marriage is for Keeps Teaching Series

Marriage is for Keeps Teaching Series

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Note: This is an audio product, not a book, to accompany the study.

“To make a marriage work, you have to work at your marriage.” Karen Ehman

What would it look like if every day you showed up armed and ready through the power of the Holy Spirit to fight for your marriage? To forgive quickly? To love your spouse through it all? To put the magic back into the mundane? 

Just how are we going to do this? We’ll take a look at the Bible and see how these relationship principles are meant to be lived out and how we can make them a part of our role as a wife. 

We may not have the answers, but we are going to point you to the One Who does: God and His Word. With host Melissa Taylor, Kendra Schwarz, author Karen Ehman and a few other friends of Proverbs 31 Ministries we’ll be exploring, studying and wrestling through what the Bible says each week during our Marriage is for Keeps Teaching Series. 

We are going to give you steps to help you:

    • Keep Encouraging by Karen Ehman
    • Keep Loving by Melissa Taylor
    • Keep Praying by Sharon Jaynes
    • Keep Forgiving by Rebecca Woodman, Director of Care and Counseling Forest Hill Church

    As Karen writes, “Our marriage is ordinary, yet it’s part of an important mission: to keep showing up, forgiving, and reflecting the gospel to those in our sphere of influence … just keep showing up.” 

    We believe your marriage is for keeps and hope this teaching series serves as a reminder for you too. 

    As a participant in this series, you’ll receive: Real-life application tips to help you process your disappointments in a healthy way. 

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