When Strong Moms Feel Quite Weak


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Do you ever catch yourself thinking ... 

I'm a terrible mom, I just can't seem to control my temper.
I know I should be doing something fun for my kids, but I feel so exhausted.
They deserve a better mom than me.

Remember: God has hand-picked you to be the mom your kids desperately need.

Lysa TerKeurst has put together a new collection of daily devotions, When Strong Moms Feel Quite Weak. As you read through each day of encouragement, you'll start to:
  • Overcome the struggle of wondering if you're a good mom with 21 days of encouragement from a friend who's been where you've been.

  • Regain strength in your parenting by declaring powerful prayers over your children and yourself as a mom.

  • Find practical help and grace for the days you fall short with life-giving perspectives and powerful Scriptures.