A Confident Heart DVD


Brand Revell

How to Stop Doubting Yourself and Live in the Security of God's Promises (A Group Study Resource)

Often the biggest obstacle to living out our faith is our own doubt--about our worth, our abilities, our relationship with God, and situations in our lives. 

Renee Swope gives women's small groups and individuals the resource they have been asking for--one that will open the door for more in-depth study of the message of A Confident Heart. Swope encourages readers to watch the introductory video to start their study off with a bang, then watch each of the seven video sessions (approx. six minutes each) before they read the chapters they coincide with to give themselves something to remember and apply each week. Packed with spiritual punch, the video segments are also perfect jumping-off points for focused and life-changing small group discussions. A free printable viewer's guide and reflection questions will be included to use in conjunction with this study of A Confident Heart.

CLICK HERE to watch a sample of one of Renee's teaching sessions.

This DVD is an authentic, insight-filled, and encouraging message for any woman who wants to exchange her lack of self-confidence with lasting God-confidence that will transform the way she thinks, feels, and lives.